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We made the fantasy real.
Say it: "I want to have an affair with a new woman, and she's you."
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Don't You Deserve This?
When you see Victoria on the front cover, or in her ClipTeez.com videos, you're thinking, "My wife? Never!"

V's first augmentation was to 500cc. "It felt like the world was staring at my chest."

Then 600cc, switching to silicone gel. A couple of years later, to 800cc. Then a jump into the big leagues: 1200cc. That's  28-DDD size for you technical guys.

And a year later, 1650cc! That's when ClipTeez convinced her to do some short videos.

And then in 2017, to her 28-KK, 2020cc implants. She won't stay this big forever. But it's fun for a while. And we can tell you that 800cc is easily deemphasized with the right dark clothing.

"2020cc - no way to hide these!" 
Almost every couple can do it.
OK, we took it pretty far.
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When Victoria joked, "Ivan, you should write a book!" on convincing women to have breast augmentation, she had no idea he'd sit down and do exactly that. But he did.

When Ivan put the first Manual on the Web, he had no idea it would sell. But it did.

And we didn't know it would actually work - but it does. We began getting the Thank You emails and before / after photos. So, it works.

The Manual keeps improving as readers share their tips and techniques and stories.

Bottom line: we know this isn't a superficial preference. It's a profound thing to want your woman to be your fantasy, to look at her while making love and have not the slightest desire for any other woman on the planet.
From reluctant to 28L cup.
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