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Over 90% Success Rate. Here's Why
A relationship with this energy should thrive. 
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Don't You Deserve This?
"Holy Moly - less than 24 hours from getting the Manual to my wife calling surgeons and looking at photos on the internet with me. Ivan, I owe you one! I mean I owe you two!"

The underlying idea is that seduction is exciting and fun, and that your "BreastQuest" is a kind of seduction, where you lead her toward being excited about what bigger breasts will mean for her.

It's straightforward. It makes sense. If a woman is truly set against plastic surgery, she won't be coerced. On the other hand, if she is even slightly open to transforming her body, these techniques (about 140 pages and growing) give you very good odds. And, you'll both have fun.
A Positive Approach
Over 90% success rate.
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Based on the feedback from our readers, they have a 90% success rate.

"Ivan, it's been three weeks since I got your Manual and began my campaign. My wife has gone from 'I'd only consider that after having kids' to 'will you pay for a new wardrobe if nothing fits?' and 'I just don't want to look like a bimbo.'

Coauthors Ivan and Victoria
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