Sometimes you want to buy discreetly. We understand.

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Instant Buy - Totally Confidential

Our e-commerce platform from GoDaddy is great, but it has a drawback: it always makes you fill
in a shipping/billing address!

For a digital book, we don't need
your shipping address. And if you use PayPal (instead of a credit card), we don't need your billing address.

To make it easier for you, here's the simplest option:

Use your PayPal account to send $17 to:

And as soon as we log on, we'll send The Manual to the email address indicated on the PayPal account - or just tell us where to email it.

Note: with this method, you forego the usual PayPal Buyer Protection. It's a tradeoff. We still stand by the Manual and will return all but $3 if you think it's useless. But really -- look at this photo of Victoria and tell us it doesn't work.

We don't yet have instant auto-delivery; GoDaddy will add that within the year. If you are frantic for your delivery -- really need it -- no problem. Text Ivan (not me, Victoria - haha!) at 954.325.8063 to say: I've paid via PayPal. Just please - please - don't PHONE. He'll get to the text message faster, trust me!

Now, if you want to skip the hassle of entering your physical address in our e-commerce store, but you WANT the buyer protection PayPal provides, no problem: click on this old-style clunky-looking button below. Got it? OK!
Credit card or PayPal, via our e-commerce platform powered by GoDaddy.  Confidential. E-book delivered by email.
Instant Confidential BUY

Skip the shopping cart - make it easy with PayPal.
Simplest - all we need is an email.